Important questions
and answers

What is the subject of this year's edition of the Symposium?
During the 21st edition of the Symposium, the sessions will focus on topics such as: New methods of document research; Innovative technological solutions in the field of secured prints; Contemporary trends in the development of handwriting and document research; Psychology and pathology of writing; Research of signatures and paraphes; Research of biometric electronic signatures; Specificity of tests of wills; Technical (physico-chemical) examination of documents; Security of documents and their verification; Expert opinion in evidentiary proceedings; Level of qualifications of experts; International cooperation in the field of document research.
How are the deliberations conducted?

The tradition of Wrocław Writing Research Symposia, disturbed only by the pandemic time, are the speeches of distinguished speakers, dynamic discussions of participants during the meeting, as well as fruitful backstage conversations and exchange of experiences during the refreshments organised for the participants.


We would like to maintain this tradition and invite you on 6-7 June 2024 to come to Wrocław and take part in our two-day conference at the University of Wrocław.


The organisational assumption is the meeting in a stationary formula for participants and for speakers.


However, in order not to deprive you of very valuable speeches of lecturers from distant locations who, due to the time and costs necessary for personal participation in the conference, could not reach us, we will connect with these people remotely.


The Symposium will be held in Professor Józef Świda's 2D room, in building D of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics (University Street 7-10) at the University of Wrocław in Wrocław.


The conference room has about 200 seats in a convenient amphitheatre layout for participants. We encourage you to register for the Symposium, which is limited by the above number of places.

What characterises the Wrocław Writing Research Symposium?

It is one of the few scientific events on this subject in the world, which periodically takes place every 2 years in Wrocław since the 1980s.

Does the symposium deal only with issues related to forensics?

We also invite representatives of sciences from related to forensics disciplines to participate in the symposium - especially criminal procedure, civil procedure, criminology, psychology, psychiatry, chemistry, physics and computer science, as well as representatives of various legal professions such as judges, prosecutors, lawyers, notaries.

What will be the events accompanying the Symposium?

The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition of specialised equipment for document research and an international exhibition dedicated to the so-called "document research". "The Dreyfus case".

What guests can be expected during the Symposium?

During the conference, a group of Polish scientists representing academic centres is expected, as well as experts from non-university institutes and scientific and research institutions, e.g. Polish Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A. in Warsaw, Institute of Forensic Expertise. Jana Sehna in Krakow, the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police Headquarters in Warsaw, the Polish Forensic Society, experts from police forensic laboratories of the Provincial Police Headquarters, the Capital Police Headquarters, the National Bank of Poland, the National Tax Administration, the Border Guard, the Military Gendarmerie and others.


We also expect experts on document research from countries such as: England, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Hungary, Germany, India, Latvia, Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Israel, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Malaysia and Polish and foreign individual experts.